About the author

John Mangan is the lead content manager for expresscashnetwork.com. He has a strong background in finance and has been working as an expert writer on personal finance, investment, and fintech topics for more than 10 years.

In expresscahnetwork John Mangan helps customers make better decisions about their personal and business finances.

John Mangan used to work as a writer, editor, blogger, and ghostwriter for various well-known in the US online services and newsapers and magazines such as Fortune, Yahoo Finance, etc. Prior to joining Expresscashnetwork.com, John Mangan owned and managed a small company of financial advisors. SO, he definitely knows what he is writing about.

John Mangan has a financial degree from ICB.


  • Financial writer for more than 10 years.
  • A financial degree from ICB University of Tampa.
  • Joined Expresscahnetwork.com as the chief editor in 2019.

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